Roller Conveyor

Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

A wide range of roller conveyor types allows you to adapt the chain driven roller conveyor concept to your specific application. You can employ segmentation to implement different speeds or start/stop functions in a single conveying path. It is used for heavy duty application as well as longer durability life. This chain driven roller conveyor is suitable for all industries and continues transfer application.
Non drive Gravity roller conveyor available with aluminum, mild steel or stainless steel structure option.

  • Different drive concepts (gravity, tangential chains, drive rollers) for a wide range of possible applications
  • Friction rollers allow for accumulated operation
  • For transporting piece goods such as solid boxes or pallets with rigid, flat bases
  • Rollers mounted on ball bearings for high loads with low drive power
  • Compact design for easy integration into complex machines
  • All systems available in straight lines or curves
  • Wide range of different roller types
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Fast roller replacement
  • Chain guide and protective guard integrated into the side rail
  • Sturdy, affordable and easy to extend
  • Heavy Duty part handling with wide verity of products


  • Motor Mounting positions
  • Adjustable support leg
  • Fully adjustable Guide and Fixed guide
  • Customise conveyor layout
  • Automations support
  • Diverter, Merger, Stopper, etc application
  • With plastic chain ideally suited for the beverage, glass, food, pharmaceutical and paint industries
  • Typical fields of application are the transport of bottles, cans or small cardboard boxes in the area of feed and interlinking
  • Unitized
  • Totes or slab Pallets not strong enough to be supported by chain conveyor
  • Pallet loads when bottom boards are perpendicular to the rollers
  • Pallet loads when bottom boards are parallel to the rollers
  • Side loading/unloading
  • Accumulation of loads
  • Loads that must be aligned
  • Available Structure AL/MS/SS
  • Widths: 150-1500 mm
  • Lengths: 200-10,000 mm
  • Total load: typically up to 5 kg to 500kg
  • Speed: up to 30 m/min
  • Options: Straight, Curve,
  • *Other values available on request
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