Flexible Chain Conveyor

Flexible Plastic Chain Conveyor

Flexible Plastic Chain Conveyor

Conveline 5001 series conveyors In addition to the conveying paths, numerous accessory components complete the construction kit to ensure design freedom when constructing the system. Conveline offers drives, bends and cleats as well as side rails and stands to suit the task and the goods to be conveyed. Various function modules are also available, such as stoppers for accumulating, buffering or separating products as well as switches for distributing the products to several conveying paths.
It specially use for space saving application with 3d layout as per application and small to medium product handling of food, pharma, automotive, agrochemicals, textile, etc.

  • Economical realization of complex track designs
  • Simple and fast configuration and commissioning
  • Suitable for all industries and compatible with existing systems
  • Modular system of standardised components
  • Turnkey or as assembly kit
  • User friendly and low maintenance
  • Can be quickly adapted to new production and environmental conditions
  • Saves energy and space
  • Accessories, side rails etc. can be attached in the slots on the conveyor frame profile


  • Motor Mounting positions
  • Adjustable support leg
  • Fully adjustable Guide and Fixed guide
  • Customise conveyor layout
  • Automations support
  • Diverter, Merger, Stopper, etc application
  • With plastic chain ideally suited for the beverage, glass, food, pharmaceutical and paint industries
  • Typical fields of application are the transport of bottles, cans or small cardboard boxes in the area of feed and interlinking
  • Complex three-dimensional track-layouts without separating points and transitions with one conveyor
  • Assembly parts pallet handling application with fixtures or indexing, lifting, positioning, etc application
  • Chain width 44/63/83/103/140/175/295 mm System width 45/65/85/105/140/175/295 mm Product width 10-400 mm max. prod. weight 1 to 200 kg max. total load 100 to 200 kg max. length 30 m max. speed 60 m/min.
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