Fixed Driven Rollers

Fixed Driven Rollers

Fixed Driven Rollers

Fixed Driven Conveyor rollers offer the most economical and simplest powered method form of transporting loads from the one point to another point.
Our wide range of Driven rollers covers applications from light to heavy duty. Driven rollers are ideally suited or can be supplied with Single sprocket, Double sprocket, O ring, Poly V belt and timing belt drive rollers. Rollers from 50mm diameter to 89mm diameter option.
Belt Driven is suited for reliable, low noise, low environmental pollution, able to run high speed.
Chain Driven is suited for high load capacity and medium load capacity, wide range of working environments including oil, water and high temperature and up to 30m/min speed.

  • Free running bearings
  • Wide range of tube and shaft options
  • Mild steel, stainless steel and plastic options
  • Wide range to handle from 100gm to 500kg per roller capacity
  • Our most economical price rollers
Series Product Features Diameter Range Shaft Range
1201 / 1202 O belt rollers, single or double groove light/medium duty conveyor rollers, custom made groove 50 11, 14
1203 O belt pulley rollers, light/medium duty conveyor rollers 50 11, 14
1204 Poly V belt pulley rollers, medium duty and high speed conveyor rollers 50 11, 14
1205 Timing belt pulley rollers, medium duty and high speed conveyor rollers 50 11, 14
1206 / 1207 Polymer sprocket rollers, single or double sprocket, medium duty and low running noise, polyamide bearing housing 50 14
1208 / 1209 Steel sprocket, single or double sprocket, medium/heavy duty conveying application, polyamide bearing housing 50, 60, 76, 89 14, 15, 20
1210 / 1211 Steel sprocket, steel bearing housing, heavy duty conveying, strong and reliable 50, 76, 89 14,15, 20

Finish: Rollers are supplied either self colour, bright zinc plated or stainless steel finish.

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