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A Promising Union with Automation Controls Group - USA

  • February 14, 2022

Founded in 1995, Automation Controls Group (ACG) provides custom process control and automation solutions to system integrators and original equipment (OEMs) with volume requirements. ACG specializes in combining its patented line of DC motors, motor drives, controls, and application-specific solutions in the areas of the parcel, case handling, system control, speed, usage requirements and more.

To fulfill the vision of transforming the automation industry and to substantially improve the businesses of its customers, Conveline is proud to announce its collaboration with Automation Controls Group, Milwaukee – USA as an authorized OEM partner for UniDrive®, UniDrive®-ONE, ZoneLogix®, and M-1TM brands in the Indian market.

Designed to operate seamlessly with the UniDrive® flagship line of Brushless DC conveyor motors, the ZoneLogix® controller line provides a new level of product and zoned-system control, without the need to directly wire PLCs to each zone.

The UniDrive® line of motors has been in use in the material handling industry for over a decade. Select conveyor OEMs have selected UniDrive® motors because they offer the best in reliability and design freedom, providing unprecedented flexibility in system application and manufacturing lead time. With no maintenance required, low energy usage and more than 250,000 hours of drive bearing life expectancy, UniDrive® is the motor of choice for visionary conveyor owners that value long-term reliability.

For OEM’s or integrators building large-scale conveyor systems, UniDrive® motors and ZoneLogix® controls offer plug-and-play simplicity.” said Mike Allen, Director of Sales.  “UniDrive® is designed to take up less space, is easy to install and requires no motor upkeep. Use it with any conveyor system and benefit from zero maintenance, extreme long life and highest design flexibility in its category.

UniDrive® motors provide more than ten times the design life of ordinary motor-driven rollers (MDRs), making UniDrive® ideal for quality-conscious and cost-conscious conveyor designers and OEM manufacturers. The patented UniDrive® Brushless DC motors, motor drives, logic controls, P3 PowerCubesTM and/or application-specific solutions are expertly integrated to address customer challenges in unit handling. When UniDrive® motors are paired with the industry-leading ZoneLogixTM ZPA/ZLP controllers, the combination provides superior performance and a very low total cost of ownership (TCO).  Run LongerTM with UniDrive®.

We are thrilled about our new beginning with Automation Controls Group(ACG) which will help us to pursue our mission to provide innovative automation solutions and services that deliver, retain and enhance cost efficiency, transparency, simplicity and affordability for an efficient supply chain.

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