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The Conveline Crossbelt Sorter is an extraordinary product for anyone looking for a high-quality solution for sorting documents, parcels, boxes and goods of all shapes and sizes, or handle returns.

Conveline offers highly flexible horizontal or space-saving vertical crossbelt sorters. These fast, robust and economical solutions for high-speed sortation can handle multiple items such as letters, parcels, packages, boxes and totes between 50g and The Courier, Express and Parcel distribution industry has experienced several years of strong growth driven by trends such as urbanization and the rapid growth of e-commerce.

Depending on throughput rates, performance targets, and space, you can choose from a horizontal loop (circular structure) or vertical loop (linear structure) configuration.
The Conveline Crossbelt Sorter can be seamlessly integrated with our MCP Conveyor Modules to create a perfect environment for your parcels, boxes, and totes to run smoothly throughout your facility.

We Offer Conveyor Solutions For...

  • Mail
  • Documents
  • Parcels
  • Boxes
  • Totes

Suitable Products for CEP

  • Drum Motors
  • RollerDrive & MultiControl
  • Rollers
  • MCP
  • Belt Curves
  • Spiral Lifts

The Conveline Crossbelt Sorter

Superior sortation accuracy, high throughputs and low operating costs are just a few of the many features of this outstanding device. On top of that, ease of use and high availability provide our customers with peace of mind: they know Conveline is someone they can trust and rely on.

Sortation in E-Commerce: Delivery on time

E-commerce and online shopping have grown tremendously in the recent years, at constant double-digit growth rates in economies around the world. If you can deliver faster, you get the business. In this complex and demanding market environment, logistics has become a key competitive factor. Considering that sorting, next to order picking, is the most cost-intensive area of logistics, it pays to invest in best-in-class sortation solutions.

Conveline Crossbelt Sorters

Conveline is in a unique position as neutral provider of sorters and our unmatched product line of highly flexible horizontal and space-saving vertical Crossbelt Sorters. They assure maximum uptime in day-to-day production thanks to its simple, mechanical drive mechanism. According to the unit loads conveyed, performance targets and spatial conditions, Crossbelt Sorters with either a horizontal configuration (i.e. circular structure) or vertical configuration (i.e. linear structure) can be employed as sortation systems.

Logistics Chain : Increasing Productivity

It is rightly observed, if you make your customer unhappy in physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the internet they can each tell 6000 friends”

Recommerce: Handling of Returns

The management of returns – so-called reverse commerce or recommerce – is tightly linked to the booming e-commerce and online shopping markets. Depending on the type of product, the percentage of returned goods can reach 50 percent and more, as in the case of online shopping of textiles. Firms must content with this trend on top of the regular order fulfilment operations. It is paramount to find effective ways to deal with this additional flow of goods, be it through internal process optimization or through outsourcing to 3PL providers. Discover IConveline’s unique position as neutral provider of sorters and our unmatched product line of highly flexible horizontal and space-saving vertical Crossbelt Sorters. Here’s how we can support you:
Highly versatile sorting system guarantees safe handling of your product mix.
Scalable, modular design allows easy system extensions.
Economical sorting ensures low and high throughput levels.

The key success factors for high-speed sortation are :

  • Availability
  • Flexibility
  • Accuracy

Today, the remote retail sector is heavily dependent on a sound logistics solution. Companies in the e-commerce and online shopping sectors rely on Conveline Crossbelt Sorters in their daily operations. Postal and courier services use Crossbelt Sorters and conveyor modules to increase the productivity of their logistics chain.

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