Covering the Core Point in Basic Design: Gravity Conveyor Rollers

Covering the Core Point in Basic Design: Gravity Conveyor Rollers
  • Conveline Systems
  • 3rd Mar 2022
  • Conveyor Rollers

When you set your mind to improve workflow on your service floor, what do you envision? Maybe, you see another serpentine belt that shoots through and about the manufacturing floor. Perhaps, you picture employees happy and busy along stations preparing packages for delivery. Maybe, you are conscious of possible wear, tear, and damage incurred along the route to shipping and delivery. If any of these is the case, your conveyor system could be due for a maintenance check-up. Let's start with improving mobility on the conveyor platform. Though simple, gravity conveyor rollers are a prime checkpoint for the overall support of your system.

Factory Science

Gravity conveyor rollers assist the belt by the natural gravitational pull of the earth. They move products across space by propelling them in one direction levied downward. With a calculation of friction, this becomes an easy method of moving products over the manufacturing floor. Taking advantage of a slight angle in building design can save significant costs. Compare this cost to what is incurred by electrically generated motion, or by using human strength to move freight.


The distinction of gravity conveyor rollers is that they function without electricity. This design is the most common way of directing loads. Front and side loading and unloading are possible. This makes it an ergonomic way of moving loads between junctures. Uniform and balanced loads work well with this design.


The knowledge base amassed by a niche company outweighs most competition by length and breadth. Conveyor Rollers by Conveline Systems has over 8 years of experience providing solutions for even small manufacturing businesses. Establishing industry standards is their mark in the trade; as well as, excellent customer service, a product that builds integrity for a competitive value.

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