Conveyor Systems in food & beverage industry

Conveyor Systems in food & beverage industry
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  • 7th Mar 2022
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Let's discuss our innovative tools that will help to make your workflow quicker and more reliable in your food & beverage industry.

Accumulation Conveyors

These roller or belt accumulation conveyor systems have very reliable and tested technology.

This kind of conveyor systems is frequently used in the food & beverage industry because they can accumulate products with zero pressure by means of pneumatic or electric systems; in other words, the contact between products is eluded because they are divided by sections. This system is perfect for boxes full of products because their accumulation and transportation are easier.

Accumulation conveyors are created as a technological alternative for energy saving. This equipment has multiple benefits, such as no air used, they use 24 volts motors, provides mobility by means of rubber bands but it can also use electrical rollers as well as rollers with tension pulleys. These systems are able to transport and accumulate products in order to address shutdowns and palletizing processes which is common to stop the line for introducing products or consumables.

Such technology allows accumulating products throughout the line and therefore, achieving a higher exit rate.

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are used in long production lines with no need for accumulation.

These automated equipments are very common because they can transport hundreds of products from one point to another through a vast length belt. These are perfect if you need to move boxes throughout hundreds of meters. This is an affordable and low-maintenance technology with a standardized system tested in the market since many decades; not to mention that is suitable for work-flows of a single bottle or full box.

Keep in mind that the conveyor systems improve the order as well as operators' and products' safety, besides increasing productivity levels of the entire workflow. Don't jeopardize your products' quality and operators' safety by having an inappropriate automated working centre. Call us today and together we will determine an organic solution for speeding up your automated operations.

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